Hello and welcome to this website. The image at the top is that of the fabulous Oberbaumbrücke in Berlin. Some of you may know it personally, others of you may know it from the film, Run Lola Run.

The Parnitz Bridge of Stettin

This website introduces you to my work with German historical documents. Presently, I spend about 75% of my time working with historical documents in the German language. I usually work with documents from the late 19th/early 20th century. 

I spend the rest of my time with the owners of the documents, be they family members or organizations such as the Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre.

My goal  is to provide information about the contents of historical German documents either through precis, sustained summary, or full translation. But — equally important — my training as a professional historian allows me to place the documents into historical context. That is where the bridging between past and present takes place.

Thank you for visiting my website and do contact me if you have any questions, s.meen79@gmail.com.

Sharon Meen