See Anna Silman, “How One of the World’s Leading Geneticists Recovered His Family’s Stolen Legacy”, Tablet, 22 June 2015.

  • 2008 – today: Senior researcher/author.
    “Lost & Found” – The restoration of the Jewish community of Themar, Germany.
    Jews in Themar: Their voices live on
    Cornell Hoppe, Behind the ‘dead’ files it is very much alive”, inSüdthü, August 30, 2018.
    “Themar, Thuringia: No one could extinguish the love for the homeland,” May 2013.
  • 2016-today:
    Research projects on to document the families of Jewish men, women and children who were deported from the state of Thuringia in two major deportations in 1942. In the first deportation in May 1942, over 500 Jews were deported from towns and villages in Thuringia to the Belzyce ghetto in the Lublin district, and in the second deportation in September 1942 to the Theresienstadt ghetto. To date, over 3000 profiles have been created in the database and contacts have been made with family members all over the world.

See: Sharon Meen, “The Deportations from Themar: May 1942 to the Belzyce Ghetto”, and “Intimate Kisses: Last Words before Deportation [to the Belzyce Ghetto].”



  • 2017-now

          The Jewish Families of Lich in Hesse, Germany