Hello and welcome to this website. The picture above is of the fabulous Oberbaumbr├╝cke in Berlin. Some of you may know it personally, others may know it from the movie Run Lola Run. For me, the bridge represents the main activity of my life, which is to use my language and research skills to bridge the distance between past and present. I focus on the history of German-Jewish families, mostly in smaller German communities, often going back to the early 18th century to trace the deep roots.

I often go back to the early 18th century to explore the deep roots of these families in Germany. Thus, I have participated in the process by which residents of German communities that once had vibrant Jewish communities research these earlier chapters of their history. I have had the pleasure of meeting descendants of German Jewish families around the world who want to know more about the place their ancestors came from. I also contribute to the genealogical databases that help preserve the history of German Jewish families.

Thank you for visiting my website and please contact me if you have any questions or comments.

Sharon Meen
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